Food and Beverages

Whether you are on your way to the boarding gate or have time to enjoy a unique dining experience, we guarantee you the pleasure to serve you for both.

An impressive range of food and beverage outlets are open 24 hours a day in our terminal, for you to choose from along with your family and friends before you pass the security check or after the passport control.

Search according to category, or shop name using our virtual map and you will find all you crave for, from fine cuisine to international fast food chains. Remember to specify the outlet you are looking for before or after passport control, or both.


Phone Number: +973 17339537
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Phone Number: +973 17329322
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Costa Coffee

Phone Number: +973 17321211
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Dairy Queen

Phone Number: +973 17329292
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Papa Johns

Phone Number: +973 17339136
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Phone Number: +973 17321371
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Caribou Coffee

Phone Number: +973 17329331
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Habara Irish Pub Int

Phone Number: +973 17329245
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Habara sky bar

Phone Number: +973 17321568
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Phone Number: +973 17321320
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Gloria Jeans Coffees

Phone Number: +973 17329393
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