New baggage rules to improve efficiency at Bahrain International Airport are now in effect

New baggage rules to make check-in procedures faster and eliminate jams in the Baggage Handling System that cause shutdowns, delays, and inconvenience to passengers and airlines at Bahrain International Airport (BIA) are now in effect, BIA’s operator and managing body, Bahrain

Airport Company (BAC) announced.

Items that will no longer be permitted include round and irregular shaped bags, irregular shaped bags tied with loose rope or string, bags with loose straps, and blanket wrapped bags. Regular out-of-gauge and odd-shaped items such as baby strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs, and golf bags will be still allowed.

Irregular shaped items tied with rope or linen can easily snag on the conveyer belts, causing system downtime, delaying the processing of baggage at the airport, and inconveniencing other passengers. To avoid delays at the check-in area, BAC advises all passengers to use baggage with at least one flat surface, regular travel bags, or properly packed boxes with a flat surface.

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