Airport Security

As an award winning airport, we do our best to make your travel comfortable and secure. Bahrain International Airport works with all relevant organizations to ensure your security.

Security Checks

Here are some tips to keep your airport journey stress-free.

At check-in

Before checking in for your flight, make sure you are not carrying:

  • Bags belonging to other people
  • Any items that do not belong to you
  • Any items that are wrapped (eg. gifts) of which you have no knowledge of the contents.

All your checked baggage will be screened by airport security, so make sure that you haven't packed any prohibited items before checking in.

Tips for security checks after check-in

After you have checked-in, you enter passport control before you pass through a security check-point. This need not be a stressful experience. These tips will help you to be more prepared.

  • Throw open bottles with water/juice etc away before you get to airport security, as you won’t be allowed to take it in with you.
  • In line with international regulations, if you are taking liquids or gels in your hand luggage, remember that you may only take containers of 100ml or less, and they must all fit into a one litre resealable plastic bag. If you do not comply with these regulations, your liquids could be confiscated. Read more about this in Luggage Regulations.
  • All hand luggage will be X-ray screened and you will pass through a metal detector.
  • You will be asked to place your mobile phone(s), keys and metal objects in a tray to go through the scanner, so make sure these are easily accessible, together with your liquids and gels.
  • You will be asked to pull out your laptop to put through the scanner.
  • You will probably be asked to remove your belt and shoes and possibly your jacket as well, before going through security. Wearing shoes that are easily removed will make things simpler for you.
  • Pushchairs and walking aids will be X-ray screened.
  • Wheelchairs will be thoroughly searched.
  • If you are taking prescription medications or syringes with you, each item should be in its original container and you should carry the prescription with you.


Checked luggage

Make sure you are familar with the rules that apply for all luggage you will be checking in at the airport (i.e. not taking with you into the hold):

  • Your total luggage weight allowance and the maximum dimensions of each piece of luggage depends on the airline you’re flying with, your class of travel and the route you’re flying. Check your airline’s website or contact them directly. Airlines will charge you if these limits exceeded. (please link to item holding all phone numbers of airline offices)
  • Before your baggage will be accepted at check-in, you must answer the security questions asked by the member of staff serving you at the check-in counter.
  • As per aviation safety regulations, certain substances are restricted or prohibited from carriage on board.


Hand luggage

  • The amount of hand luggage you bring on board with you depends on the airline you’re flying with, your class of travel and the route you’re flying. Check your airline’s website or contact them directly.
  • International regulations apply concerning any Liquids, Aerosols & Gels (LAGS) carried in hand luggage. All liquids must be in containers of maximum of 100ml, and these should fit into a clear resealable plastic bag of maximum 1 litre capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm).
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