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Check your flight departure time and whether it has been delayed, if you are flying from Bahrain or in transit. This allows you to plan your time to Shop, Dine and Unwind at the airport.


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Departure Date:
Today (27 Jan)
Tomorrow (28 Jan)

Current time in Bahrain is 04:00 AM
Last updated at 04:00 AM

For more information, please contact the information desk at +973 17 339339.

Please note:
The information shown here is not verified for accuracy or completeness and thus may prove to be inaccurate or incomplete. If you require further information, it is recommended that you contact your airline directly.

Departure Time Destination Flight Number Airline Status Notification
01:05 Karachi GF752 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:10 Paris GF019 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:15 Dammam GF101 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:20 Frankfurt GF017 GULF AIR Cancelled Notify Me
01:20 Peshawar GF784 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:25 Kuwait GF211 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:30 Abu Dhabi GF540 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:35 Muscat GF560 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:40 Jeddah GF181 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:50 Doha GF520 GULF AIR - Notify Me
01:55 Dubai GF500 GULF AIR - Notify Me
02:00 London-LHR GF007 GULF AIR - Notify Me
02:10 London-LHR BA124 BRITISH AIRWAYS - Notify Me
02:30 Istanbul TK779 TURKISH AIRLINES - Notify Me
03:45 Riyadh GF151 GULF AIR - Notify Me
03:50 Cairo MS921 EGYPT AIR - Notify Me
03:50 Dubai EK836 EMIRATES AIRLINES - Notify Me
04:00 Muscat WY658 OMAN AIR - Notify Me
04:55 Abu Dhabi EY370 ETIHAD AIRWAYS - Notify Me
08:10 Dubai FZ024 FLY DUBAI - Notify Me

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